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Collectobil- has it gone?

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I tried a link from PlaymoDB to a Collectobil page (using Safari) and got diverted to a Career Management website. I also tried using Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, all to no avail. Firefox warned me it was a potentially malicious site and the owner had configured the website improperly. Never had a problem before. Anyone else found this?

PS Nothing mentioned on Klickywelt so far....

I accessed the site via playmoDB in the last few days with no problems using Firefox. A search on Google shows Norton having no problems with Collectobil but when I try to go to the site from Google Firefox warns that the site certificate has a problem, and as you describe.

I think Richard who now owns Collectobil was/is in career guidance/management in some way so maybe he has tried to bring Collectobil under that banner.

I use Google Chrome and when typing, I also got a warning not to proceed with going on the website because it is unsafe, so I stayed off...

I noticed that too, on Safari and Firefox. Hopefully it isn't gone for good! A great resource.

Looks like it's gone. I got the warning, proceeded anyway. Something about Career Management came up and that the page requested was not there.
I specifically went to the single klicky page.


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