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'Sharp Edges' when painting


Guarrenzino and Sylvia ~ I was looking at the painted details in the 'Sixties Chicks' customs, particularly in Sylvia's avatar.  How do you get those nice, sharp lines?  Is your hand just that steady, or is there some trick?

Tape can be a good method to mask off areas, but you have to use the right kind or your lines will still end up looking messy.

I started off by using some very thin tape that we had lying about in the drawer to mask off the edges for the [checkered dress], but I gave up on that method after a short time. The trouble was it was old tape and the edges were not very clean. :( In the end it seemed to be messier than doing it by hand... plus I got fed up with waiting for the paint to be dry enough for removing the tape. :-[

I do have quite a steady hand for painting most of the time, so that helps. If I make a mistake, I just paint over it again until it looks the way I want it to. (I'm very particular, so this can mean spending several hours until I have it exactly as I want it). I also use a lamp with a magnifying attachment which helps me to see small details/errors that I would probably miss otherwise - my eyesight isn't as good as it once was. ;)

That dress is the most difficult design I ever attempted to paint. It lay around for several months unfinished, because I lost patience with it and grew bored with the idea. :-[ Then one day, co-incidentally, Guarrenzino suddenly mentioned he was working on a custom lady in a black and white 60s outfit ("Cilla"). I remembered my poor half-finished klicky and told him about it. I probably would never have finished it without the encouragement (nagging? :P) I received from him. (Thanks, David. :-*)

Jochen has some very helpful info about paint masking techniques on his website:

[ Customising with Paint]

And as you can see by looking at his customs, they are very effective! 8-)


Cool, thanks!

I was thinking about masking it off, but as you say, that can be messy ... I discovered that just painting trim in my house!  I was thinking about the blue painters tape you can buy here (do they have that overseas, as well?).  Regular masking tape would be too thick, I'd think.

I didn't thing of using color resist on some pieces ... that's an interesting idea.  Hmmmm.

I have one of those magnifying lamps too  ;D  I use it for needlework and also assembling computers (that was my AHA! use  ;D )

Thanks again for your advice and the link. :D

I need to get one of those magnifying lamps.
Ever since I turned 40 my eyes just arent as good anymore   :hmm:


--- Quote from: Meg on November 13, 2005, 05:44:30 ---I need to get one of those magnifying lamps.
Ever since I turned 40 my eyes just arent as good anymore   :hmm:

--- End quote ---

 Even if you are as young as me a magnifying lamp is useful Meg.  The light is always in the right place and you can see a lot more detail.  I suggest you buy one if you paint klickies.



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