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Tim's men receive self rescue training

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Hello everyone,

While in Ohio, Tim's men also took part in a RIT training class. RIT stands for Rapid Intervention Team. The purpose of a RIT team is to rescue a down or trapped firefighter. The men were taught special techniques, bailouts, and how to use some special equipment.

Firefighters use a length of rope to pull a firefighter.

The next thing they learned was the head first ladder bailout. This tends to be the most dangerous by far. You would have to use this technique if the floor you were on suddeny flashed over.

Also in this class were some live fire sessions. A construction firm donated an old medical office building to the fire department.

The PFD used this as inservice training, so the following units were there...

Engine 4 and 5, Quint 6, Ladder 4, Squad 3.

I hope you enjoyed the training pictures, and as always I love comments.


A PFD firefighter doing a bailout for real.


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