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Tim's men take part in Hazmat Training

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Hello Everyone,

While a few of my men were off training with Tim's department, a few of his were in Ohio getting their Hazmat Training. The Hazmat class is a new class offered by the PFD and consists of three classroom days and two skills days.

Classroom days consisted of learning terminology, and command structure.

Skills day one consisted of a tanker truck leaking an unknown liquid into a local water way. The job of the students was to secure the scene, organize a shelter in place for local residents, use the command structure properly, identify the liquid, and resolve the situation.

An inspection of the truck reveled that the tank was holding about 400 gallons of diesel fuel.

Tim's men were quick to construct a rubber barrier backfilled with sand to block the flow of diesel fuel into a nearby pond.

The barrier stopped the flow of diesel fuel so Tim's men could repair the tanker truck.

The second skills day consisted of a medical office building and some leaking anhydrous ammonia.  ;D

When crews arrived they were informed of mutiple people trapped inside the building, their locations were unknown.

Tim's men and PFD firefighters had to secure the area, set up a staging area, triage area, and a decon area.

Since the anhydrous ammonia levels inside the building were unknown crews entered the building in full Hazmat gear.

Victims were slowly brought out one by one.

The guys in the full hazmat suits were decontaminated by other firefighter.


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