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FireChief's Men and The Big Meeting

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Hello  All

A few months back now Ben (FireChief) came up with a very interesting idea and i couldn't miss the chance to take part. Ben's idea was to organise a joint training excersise where i send him some of my fire fighters and he sends me some of his. We would each train the men in our particular area of expertise. So without any delay i signed Bens men up on my Advanced course in Vehicle Extrication which includes Heavy Goods Vehicles and Heavy Machinery.
After a very long journey from the USA Ben's men arrived and here are the pictures of them being introduced to the fire fighters of Station 21, brigade HQ. Several of my senior officers turned up for the occasion including the Chief Fire Officer.

Here is a group photo of the fire fighters and engines of Station 21 including Ben's men.
Thank you for taking the time to look at the pictures :)9.

Kindest Regards  Tim  :wave:

Little Jo:
 :lol: This is a really cool idea!  8-)
And BTW very nice pictures. I'm already curious how the training sessions will be.

Update: Ups, sorry, just realized that the training already has begun in another thread.  :-[

Hello Tim,

It's nice to see such a turnout to greet the arrival of my men. I'm glad they all finally made it over safely. ;D

While Tim's men were in Ohio they learned Advanced Hazmat operations, and firefighter self rescue.

Its getting late so I will post my pictures tomorrow...


WOW !!!

What a fantastic idea, Ben and Tim !!!

I am trying to think how some of the rest of us could do something similiar. Unfortunately, the only thing that I could think of was to send some of my pirates up to Cap'n Henry for some training in looting and pillaging ... :lol:

Seriously ... There surely must be some other opportunities for PF members to exchange Klickys. I just can't think of what they might be ...  ^-^

Anyone else have any ideas?

All the best,


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