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Hey Everyone,

I responded for a fire alarm activation at Hobby Lobby today and while searching the place I just happened to go down the model isle ;D. I noticed a product called ALUMILITE "superplastic". Its a molding kit for making small casts of parts. I was wondering if anyone has used this and has anygood comments about it. Its quite expensive and I didn't want to waste the money if it would be n o good to me  :-\ .

Thanks, Ben

It's something I've noticed in the model magazines over here, Ben, but the price and my limited skills have combined to put me off buying.

Sir Gareth:
Hi Ben,

 There is a great site called "MOFREAKY" you will find the link to it on the links page here at PF.

 Go to customizing and then at the bottom you will find a a casting demo that uses Quicktime.

 The results the guys get at Mofreaky are excellent and many of their customs have parts that they have made with the stuff.


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