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"Jus prima noctis" and the 3627 Merry men's feast

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Prima noctis means something like "right to the first night", and is an old sort of law from the medieval ages. Whenever a common girl got married, the local lord or nobleman had the right to her on the first night of her marriage.   :-*  :o

It's easy to understand that this was not popular among the commoners, and not all lords demanded this right. In some litterateur prima noctis was the spark that started a local riot. It is well illustrated in the movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson.  ;)

As the perfect toy Playmobil is, it has of course captured prima noctis in the cool set 3627.

The pictures on the box tells their own story. Let me show you  :yup:

(Sorry for the poor quality on the photos, I had to tilt the box to get rid of the reflection).

The stars are as follow:




More stars:



Roving hunter (guest to the wedding)

Dinner or a gift

And finally the local lord.

Our story starts at the wedding.  :D Everybody are happy, drinking, dancing, eating and playing the instruments.  :lol:  :**:

But suddenly, the lord appears. He will demand his prima noctis. The priest sees this, and fearing the lord's demand might start a riot, he tries to buy the lord of with bear. Best thing is to it fast, before the weddingguests can see the lord. It can be seen on the front of the box:

But oh no, the lord becomes angry, draws his sword.  >:D And even worse, the roving hunter has noticed that the lord is here, he is looking in our direction. How will this end??  :0

Naturally, the roving hunter kills the lord with a single arrow.  :o He is then buried under a huge oak tree.

In that way, nobody will ever find out he was killed. Because if they did, the hunter would get a price on his head. He would be hunted down and hanged by the lord's henchmen.  :-\

But fear not, the groom has a perfect plan. The roving hunter can easily hide inside a empty barrel of beer  ;D


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