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Plastic Hips Don't Lie


Shakira as a Playmobil figure shows the world that Plastic Hips Don't Lie -and Wyclef Jean helps out!  A music video with Playmobil.   

See it at! 

If you find that the movie does not play, you can also download it to your hard drive by right-clicking on the film title from "The Vault," at


That's really well done, and very long for a Playmo movie - 3:46
A few interesting combinations :)

Fantastic! :D

Your Shakira klicky really looked like she was dancing and swinging her hips, and I love the Wyclef Jean custom! :love:

Thanks for sharing it with us. :)9

Little Jo:
This is pretty cool  8-) and well done  :)9

Really cool! 8-)


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