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If you can't wait for Playmobil to produce their Roman civilians to go with their fantastic new Roman theme then take a good look at this set, which is now on sale at Toys R Us for only $8.98!
(Robbie told us a month ago!)

For $8.98, you're only paying about a dollar a figure, not counting the burro and camel! What a deal!

The conversion possibilities (just by only swapping parts) are certainly there!

click on image above for a view of the contents

I bought three sets today and I may go back and buy some more tonight! ... ;D

Captain Henry:
I just wouldn't know what to do with that many Wise Men! I have several of each already from last year's after-Christmas sale, and used up all my ideas customizing Barbary corsairs!

Do what I did, and just order the Josephs, Marys and the Peasants from DS  ;D

The three wise men would be OK for Phoenician Merchants or maybe some ladies (of course one has to switch the torso)  - for Roman citizens (ladies were not considered as Roman citizens ;)) I think their tunics are a bit too colourful. I will surely get me more of those white togas of the civilian from the arena and be happy.  :)


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