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IGUANA PART TWO (The Caribbean Adventures of Mr.Dawkins)

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Dawkins thinks that he hears something behind him. But, he has decided to ignore it and head through the woods to the beach.

As he makes his way quickly through the trees, Dawkins thinks that he sees someone else in the shadows.

When Dawkins finally reaches the beach he realizes that he is being followed by a giant Iguana. He remembers the words that his grandpappy told him when he was a young lad, "Aaaargh ... t'would be a sorry pair o'legs wot would stan' still an' watch a body take some 'urt!"


And, remembering those wise words spoken by his grandpapy years before, Dawkins follows the example of his pet monkey, Chi-Chi and runs as fast as he can.

Mr.Dawkins, in his hasty retreat , does not notice the shadowy figure that bravely steps into the path of the hungry Iguana.

With pistol drawn, the stranger takes aim at the menacing creature.

There's a metallic click. And, then silence as the cloaked Klicky's pistol misfires.

Before our hero can reload his weapon (or retreat), the Iguana is upon him!

Is this the end of this heroic individual? Who was he? And, why would he want to save Dawkins?

To be Continued ...

 :o  Oh No!!! What happens to the handsome stranger?????

Heyyyy... what a cool photo-story! :D

(Let me know if you want it moved to the story-telling board, Richard ;))

I am also very eager to see what happens next. :)

Little Jo:
Oh cool, a new type of dinosaurus ...   :o

(But obviously not one of the friendly species)

... and he looks like that realistic  ;)


--- Quote from: Little Jo on January 04, 2006, 11:14:27 ---Oh cool, a new type of dinosaurus ...   :o

(But obviously not one of the friendly species)

... and he looks like that realistic  ;)

--- End quote ---

Hello, Jochen ...

Actually, it was very easy to get the "new type of dinosauraus" to look that realistic ... ...  :lol:

And, iguanas are vegetarians! All of the iguanas used in these stories are wild! However, iguanas are very people-friendly and can be hand-fed lettuce leaves. Iguanas would probably make very nice Playmofriends!

So, now you know ... The iguanas are "actors" in the Mr.Dawkins adventure stories! ... ;)

All the best,


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