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Beheading Children!!!

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Thanks, Junior! ...  :wow:

I can't wait to try out your technique ("The Junior Method") tomorrow!

All the bst,


Junior, I can't thank you enough. :wow: :wow: :wow:

Over the years I have tried and tried to disassemble a child figure, either to customise or to replace damaged limbs, heads etc with parts from other figures, and I have never managed it until today.

Your method is easy as pie and causes no damage at all to the figure. Bravo!  :*)

Ok, I'm wanting to take apart some child klickys (waaaaaay too many of the modern ones have red hair compared to adult klickys) and I don't have a dwarf beard or a collared cloak. Has anyone found any alternative parts that can be used for this method? Or is there another method that doesn't involve putting the head in a vice? (I don't have one) I've tried the twisting the rubberband around the neck method, and it hasn't worked for me. Help!  :help:

Well I do something very simple that works. You have to be strong though.
I just grab the head with 2 fingers and pull up turning the head at the same time several times.... as if the kid was saying NO. The head just comes off. So far I haven't broke any.
Other that that you can take out the legs and push the neck from the inside of the body with same tool. Be carefull not to hurt yourself! Good luck!!

Thanks, tonguello. Do you hold it by the legs or by the torso when pulling the head? Because I had a loose one that popped off easily (almost accidentally) when i held the legs and pulled the head, but some of them look like the legs will break when I try to pull it that way.


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