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Stella's Milkshake!!!

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Alright, for those of you who have not seen this (or those who wanted to see it again) i present to you:


This is a joint effort by myself and my buddy Dusty created last year over fall break.  The premise: an old woman discovers something... rather unusual that she can do now that she has her milkshake...

Now, how does one add a link... :P

I may be daft,
but I could never get your movie to run.   :'(

I can get the thumbnails but there are rather small.   :'(

I have read through the info on the site, and I am still confused.

I have quicktime, I just want to hit a button so that I can download it and watch it   :'(



--- Quote from: Meg on December 13, 2005, 17:51:08 ---OK, ER,
I may be daft,
but I could never get your movie to run.   :'(

--- End quote ---

It opens on my system as a wmv file. All I can think is that maybe that program file doesn't work on a mac? :eh?:

It's a pity you can't watch it, Meg, as I'm sure you'd really enjoy it. :(

Thanks, ER. :-*

I will ask the Dh about it.  He usually knows how to get these things to work


Yes, a WMV file is a Windows file ... I've made that mistake trying to send my nephew movies, won't work on a Mac.  Perhaps those with better movie editing software than I have can convert it to a Quicktime movie?


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