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--- Quote from: Madame X on December 01, 2005, 20:12:36 ---Well done, Psyche!  Almost all of those sets are on my "most favorite/most wanted" list.  I salute you for plunging in to the non-English sector of ebay and you deserve all of those great finds for your patience.  Good things come to those who wait!   :)9
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Thanks! I do feel I spruged but then again, I've waited for all of them for a long time and this seller just happend to have them all (and a lot more good loot.)

--- Quote ---I am particularly fond of that train and have been looking for one for a loooooooong time and am still kicking myself for not buying one in a busted-up box at a post-Christmas clearance sale 6 or 7 years ago at Noodle Kidoodle (before it became Zany Brainy and then went out of business  ::) ) 
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Ok, now that sentence has earned entry into my roster of "sentences that are grammatically correct but absolutely bizzare if you read them to someone who doesn't know what one is talking about. ;) :D

--- Quote ---P will be happy now since he obviously won't have to buy you anything for Christmas!   ;) :lol:

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Oops! You mean I should tell him?  ???

I'm sure it would be best to wait. ;) 

Signed, Wise Woman With Separate Checking and Paypal Accounts

I think that's my name translated from the Choctaw. :)


--- Quote ---Signed, Wise Woman With Separate Checking and Paypal Accounts

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I thought about doing that too... to shall-we-say deemphasize my ebay purchasing, but I'd have nothing to fund them with!  :lol: Sometimes I can't wait to earn my own money again!


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That's why I toil on cold snowy nights trying to cram information into weary pays for my playmo and keeps me out of the "bill paying account"  >:D which is a scary place I don't like to visit anyway.  :o

Of course, my kid is grown so that helps.

I hope to begin part-time night or during-preschool-hours work again next year when Graeleigh starts school... that is, if I can find such work; having been out of my field for three years now, my skills are pretty rusty so I will have to find someone willing to take a chance on me and my weary mind!

What do you teach Psyche? (Sorry if you already said at one point.)


I'm a part-time professor for Early Childhood Special Education here at WSU (and as most of my students are teachers or student-teachers, many courses are in the evening.) I also consult and do behavioral/educational planning and therapy for kids with severe neurological disorders (mostly autism) for the public school district- for these I set my own hours based on the kids' and my schedule.

I'm not sure of your area but many courses are being taught online in conjuntion with universities (not the Uni of Phoenix sillyness but regular accredited courses). These are great for folks with odd schedules, but they can be a lot more work than a traditional class. PM me if you want more info.

Don't worry about being a bit rusty, you'll be surprised how quickly you get back in the learning groove. :D


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