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Rumor has it you just got the Western Train too Meg.  :)  We shall have to have a train race across the North/Midwest! I'll start here and you start in Madison and we'll meet up, where? Eastern Montanna? :D

D***, you are GOOD

I got it after I got the windmill and the water thingie.

All I needed was the train, but it wasnt MIB and there are some small parts  that are missing

If it makes you feel better...I've not yet got the "water thingy" (I'm assuming you mean this beauty?

Can you look at yours and tell me if this one looks complete?

Sir Gareth:
Nice lot of stuff you got there Psyche.

As for that water tower and windmill combo ( I looked at it the other day) that water tower is not complete. There should be a guard rail around the walkway and a small ladder going from the walkway to the top of the orange water butt. There should also be an orange trap door on the brown roof that is not visible and a couple of grey ropes should go around the water tower and the rope you can see is not original, also theres no figure and I can't tell if the ladder is there at the back that takes you up to the walkway.

Basically it's spares or repairs with those two.

Sir Gareth:
Here's a picture so you can see what's missing, sorry for the writing it's a bit poor done with a paint brush, not sure why I put figure on it,  it's a bit obvious.


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