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What is a Dremel?

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I'vr got a mians-powered Minicraft drill which also takes sanding discs and grinding wheels, but the minimum speed seems far too high.

Does the Dremel offer good low speeds?

Hello  Gordon / All

I allways keep my Dremel set at its lowest speed and this has allways been low enough to do most tasks i require. Wether this is faster or slower than the Minicraft's lowest setting i am not sure. I can allways have a look to see if the instructions show the different RPM's and you can compare them to the Minicraft.

Dremel's and Drilling

One thing i can safely say is that the Dremel is not good for drilling holes as it comes, due to how the speed is regulated. On normal drills you select your speed and then press the trigger to make it go, release it to slow it down or stop. With the Dremel you select your speed and it goes, flick the switch back down to zero and it will stop. There is no easy way you can controll the speed and accuratley drill a hole at the same time.

Regards  Tim

Thanks, Tim, that would be helpful.


--- Quote from: playmofire on November 23, 2005, 19:04:23 ---Does the Dremel offer good low speeds?

--- End quote ---

My Dremel is a pretty cheap one and is offering only two speeds, where I do operate
always on the lower one and it appears to be still too fast for sanding discs and playmo.

But I got a little buzz saw like blade for my dremel, which really became my friend for
all cuts I ever made on playmo...

best regards,

I'll have to ask Santa  (or Socrates  ;D ) for a dremel for my stocking!


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