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3645 Blue Marlin Yacht - front rail?


Ok, I  know this sounds stupid... but... is there a trick to this?

I can't seem to attach the front "rain" to the boat... :(

I think its similar to other PM boats with a bow rail. I've got a 3941 and I just had a practice taking the rail off and putting it back on. I think the trick is to put the front end of the boat into the centre of the rail piece first, then fit the two side pins of the rail into their holes more or less simultaneously. Its a bit fiddly, but the flexible plastic of the rail makes it a bit easier.

BTW, its not a stupid question, I find there is often a 'knack' to getting PM apart or fitting it back together- especially vehicles!

Good luck!

I can't :(   The atachments are straight, and only the first half comes close to the hole for them :(

Try as I might I can't seem to make them go that far... If I attach one of the sides, can't even come close on the other..

I tried attaching BOTH sides, with the rail over the proper place, but then I didn't manage to push it down to its proper place :(

I suppose there is a reason they seem to come assembled with the more recent ones (like the funpark yacht)?

I have sent you a video!


--- Quote from: GrahamB on December 03, 2020, 07:39:50 ---I have sent you a video!

--- End quote ---

Thank you!

I have tried that, but I can't make the connectors reach :(

I didn't realize the rails were the same as that boat - the hull seems different (not having them side by side)...

I will make new attempt on the weekend.


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