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Happy Halloween!

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--- Quote from: tahra on October 31, 2020, 18:21:56 ---
LOVE IT! I always wanted to do a protest scene (never even considered not being a recent one though!), but besides everything else, I never got a reason for the protest... something light enough to be playmodoable. When I look at a dio, I don't want it to make me feel sad or like strangling someone...

This one.. BRILLIANT! :wow:

Not sure which one is my favorite..  The garlic, the bandage vat or the donate blood... (had to google "Harry Styles" - never heard of him  :-[ )

--- End quote ---

Thank you  :)
You are right about the serious matter of a protest, I was very lucky this one was a very funny one to do :)
I didn't know Harry Styles either :P  Once I saw a poster with this sentence on a Climate-Protest and had to google it myself... Now it reminded me: Climate change = Scooby-Snow-Ghost topic...  :lol:

--- Quote from: tahra on October 31, 2020, 18:21:56 ---
(it's like hockey, when there's a disagreement.. they have a stick! :P )

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they do have big sticks :lol: and they are both so similar, they must disagree on almost anything  ;D

--- Quote from: tahra on October 31, 2020, 18:21:56 ---
Are those braids white? :o

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no, just the usual grey... I've never seen white ones of that kind, unfortunately

--- Quote from: tahra on October 31, 2020, 18:21:56 ---
That dance the couple is doing seems.... dangerous... what with the scythe and all!

--- End quote ---

You are so right - luckily, they are all already dead.  :lol:


I almost forgot to mention something very important: this Halloween "mini-diorama" would never had been possible without the precious help of my Playmo-Masters GrahamB and Queen Tahra! As well on expertise and ideas as also on finding certain klickys for me, you are amazing. Thank you both for everything!!  :) :wave:

I was just about to comment on that Grim Reaper in the last photo Lufty! You are very welcome! Some create great dios, others try to supply the geniuses* with their materials!

Tahra said lots of the things I would have said! But I love the protest idea, the bone band, the witches' cauldron, Frankenstein' lab and so much more!

* not sure about the plural here, like the zookeeper who was told to order the animals for a new display. He wrote "Please send us two new hippopotamuses, hippopotami, hippopotamuss. Please send us a hippopotamus. P.S. And another one"

Thank you, Luftgaengerin, for the photo story and making Halloween stand out for me, when no trick-or-treaters are making the rounds. And a lovely story at that! One question: where do you host your images? I had to leave Chrome and move to another browser to see them. In Chrome, only your text is displayed.

I can't see Lufty's images either now


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