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Tips for sticky / tacky softer plastic pieces?

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--- Quote from: tahra on February 25, 2020, 16:30:13 ---I will have to try to drown mine in baby powder..  The advantage is that it's not greasy.. I mean, you can't really leave smears of margerine or mayo on playmoparts, right?

--- End quote ---

 :toot: :-[ well, I did leave that 1 feather slathered in margerine in the name of not-very-scientific testing  :lol: but I wouldn't recommend it.

Left to right: baby powder / non-sticky / margerine
Not sure if you can tell, but out of the baby powder & marg feathers the marg one is slightly stickier, but both are better than before (which I think you can tell if you compare this photo with the one on the first post - which I added below to make it easier to compare - bottom photo is the pre-treatment one).


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