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I've placed the order for just one case of 17 Boys and Girls at this point. I can order more later if anyone else wants to step forward but would need at least 2 or 3 sets to make it worth while. I ordered a Scooby Doo set for myself and we will see if and how that comes. The shop was unable to find the Movie series 2 on their list but he will keep looking and will order 2 of them if they show up. I may have to acquire a set from overseas if they don't show up here.

Baron Marshall:
Thanks Tim  :wave:

If anyone winds up with an extra Scooby Doo Witch Doctor I am in the market for one. (I want to add it to my Safari sets - note Safari and not Jungle, they are different themes.)

Hello all. I'm removing my name from the Movie Figures list; my local toy stores are not being given the chance to order them, so I think they'll probably not be available for sale here. I've ordered a full set from Ebay & will probably get another at one point.

My Series 17 arrived at the toy store over a month ago but Covid has the store closed so I'm waiting.

Series 17

Tiermann 2 sets
Baron Marshall 2 sets

Movie Series 2

Tiermann 2 sets
Baron Marshall 2 sets

Scooby Doo series 1

Tiermann 2 sets


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