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St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas) Christmas Stop-motion Video

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The animation is top-notch! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your short.  :wow:


--- Quote from: playmovictorian on December 05, 2019, 17:36:16 ---Thank you so much for yet another Masterpiece dear Cinemano   :love: :love: :love:
This is an enchanting little Christmas tale  :cloud9:
Happy holiday season to you  :wave:

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Thank you playmovictorian and Happy Holidays to you too  :love:

--- Quote from: gassy on December 06, 2019, 17:06:53 ---Great Film,   :wave:
thank"s for sharing

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Thanks for commenting and watching the film, gassy  :)

--- Quote from: Hadoque on December 06, 2019, 17:54:41 ---Very nice, well done movie! :clap:

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Thank you very much Hadoque!

--- Quote from: bml87 on December 06, 2019, 18:50:23 ---As a Belgian who loves the celebration of Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas, I must say: amazing video!!! Great job!!! And it has all my favourite songs in it! Nostalgia x 1000!

--- End quote ---

It's amazing to hear that from a Belgian! I selected the songs that I liked the most from a list of thousands  ???
Thanks for watching!

--- Quote from: PlaymoCollector on December 07, 2019, 15:06:18 ---The animation is top-notch! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your short.  :wow:

--- End quote ---

Thank you very much PlaymoCollector! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Greetings from the Cinemano Studios  :D

Amazing work, as always :)

(their facial expressions are very well done... )

How wonderful!  :love: Merry Christmas!!  :wave:

Sorry to dig this up again, or actually no, not sorry!  :lol:  Sinterklaas/St Nicholas is coming next weekend, and I just showed this to my daughter. She LOVED it and demanded to watch it over and over again, I wish you could see her face beaming  :)


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