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Ceragem photostory: The White Tower at the Serpentís Gulf

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Wow, what a magnificent story! Arnaud's custom stickers do indeed look beautiful, and I love the actual white tower, too. It looks so majestic with the sun shining on it like that. :love: Also loved the heads chopped off the sea serpents, and the black & white for the flashback.

Wolf Knight:
So glad you liked it, bb!!!! ;D

--- Quote from: bonniebeth on August 18, 2012, 18:50:26 ---Arnaud's custom stickers do indeed look beautiful, and I love the actual white tower, too.
--- End quote ---

And have a look at the real White Tower, Arnaud made a very accurate impression of it on his transfers, which make them even more great!!!

O U T S T A N D I N G !!!

What  a great homage to the white tower of Thessaloniki one of the most important historic / heritage monuments of greece , what a great  reference to the white tower this set up is sir !!! Simply perfection. Giorginetto is in awe !!!!   :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:  As for the creation of cowabunga well its another world class custom , love the white tower on top and the insignia, atelier cowabunga has done it again.....  ;D ;D ;D

As for the story well sir after reading your previous ones it comes as no surprise to me that another great story was presented to us and what  a great combo of photos and storyline/text. Its like watching the start of a grand movie sir !!! In fac I  i can think of some great movies which start with a visit  to a remote tower/castle ( Krull ( the movie not my overpopulated playmo city ) , Star wars return of the jedi, Robin and Marian and many more others ...)

I dont give easily that many compliments  BUT this story , the pictures and storyline and set up deserved much more than my poor english praises and compliments , much more sir !!!!

Of course , i will now ( as before ) pester and annoy you asking for more stories to come from Ceragem :lol: :lol: , it seems thinks are boiling up in this part of the world..... ( in character : ....and Iseroth's agents are keeping a close eye after the loss of Iseroth's ally king and friend from the dragons ...... )

I salute your work with awe sir !!!!  :wave: :wave: :wave:

THAT is AWESOME! The outside pics, the b&w and then the colours! AWESOME I say!
It was worth waiting, that's for sure. How long have you had this knight, I just can't remember when I sent it to you.
The white tower, though more a watchtower than a keep, is beautiful. I would have loved to see you taking your pictures on the beach! It was early morning when I took mine, but I rather looked like a geek with my playmos and my camera. But you also took a castle with you, couldn't go unnoticed I guess, could you?
Best, and thanks for the pics,

I was thinking the same thing.... I kind of admire all you men who aren't too proud to bring your toys out to the beach! :lol: I think I'd be too self-conscious!


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