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Ceragem photostory: The White Tower at the Serpent’s Gulf

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Wolf Knight:
Serpent’s Gulf, Western seashore of the Kingdom of Ceragem

“I really thank you for joining me at such short notice, Sir Baldthar.” began General Lionheart.
“Whatever this business is you need me about, General, we better hurry, and it better be worth the delay. Your messenger arrived just in time. From here we have a day’s ride to the capital where the army is assembled.” said Baldthar with a worry in his voice.

‘”It’s more than worth it, my friend! Are you familiar with Sir Demetrius White?’” asked the General.
“I’ve heard of him, yes… A foreign soldier, from a distant land they say he is.”

“True,” continued the General “Sir Demetrius arrived in this Gulf from a far away land, maybe even from the fallen Empire. He never talks about his past. It’s like he is trying to purge himself of wrongful deeds, and thus his history is a mystery to all. But people who remember him when he first arrived here, do say he was a soldier, maybe even an officer of a distant army.”

“He had learned that the villagers and fishermen of the Gulf were terrorized by Sea Serpents, and he took it upon himself to read the Gulf off them.”

“They do speak of his feats with an awe, and they still remember when he slew the two greatest Sea Serpents they ever saw.”

“Though he came close to perish, he was victorious in the end.”

“After that final victory over the Sea Serpents, no such other beast made its appearance in the Gulf, but Sir Demetrius, feeling at home, build his White Tower here, to oversee and protect the people of the Gulf. Should the Sea Serpents return, he will be here to defend them. That is why I need you, Sir Baldthar! Your deeds are equally great and we may need to persuade Sir Demetrius to come with us, for he also has a power none us us has ever seen before in this land.”
“And what is that power, may I ask?”
“The power to heal! Yes, to heal! We need a capable and resourceful healer in the upcoming battle with the Duke, especially since the Dragons are on his side. Sir Demetrius may have fought Sea Serpents, but he also knows how to cure the wounds they inflict on men. I am sure he can also help with wounds and injuries inflicted by the dragons.”
“I see…” replied Baldthar “But why am I needed in this persuasion game?”
“Sir Demetrius will respond better to our call for help if it comes from a well estimated champion! That is you, dear Sir! He will be reluctant to leave his Tower and leave the Gulf unwatched, but I am sure your presence will be helpful in that matter!”
Sir Baldthar turn to gaze at the huge bulwark in front of them…

Wolf Knight:

The White Tower stood mighty and majestic, overlooking the Serpent’s Gulf…

…and as they drew near it, the two men felt more in awe with what they were seeing.

The white rocks that were used for its building were carved out of the rocky seabed of the Gulf. Who knows how the colour came out to be natural like that, they served their purpose to create a mighty watchtower to the sea.

Behind the wall of the Tower, a young sentry stood watch and saw the two riders approaching.

“Man-at-Arms! Man-at Arms!’’ he cried
An older man appeared from the top of the Tower overlooking the young sentry “What is it Nestor?’’ replied the older man.
‘’Rider’s approaching!’’ said Nestor.

Wolf Knight:

As the two riders came and halted in front of the tower…

…Man-at-Arms called down upon his Master.

Sir Demetrius, was studying his scrolls, as was his habit this time of the day, but once he heard Man-at-Arms calling, he went out to see Nestor.

“Who is calling upon us, Nestor?” asked Sir Demetrius.
“Two riders, my Lord!” replied Nestor. “They seem friendlies.” he added.

Sir Demetrius approached the battlement to look at his arrivals. “Who goes there?” he cried
“Lord General Arthur Lionheart, Commander of the Ceragem Army, and Sir Baldthar Commander of the Double Axe Vanguard!” replied the General in a strong voice “We come in a most important errand of seeking help by the mighty slayer of Sea Serpents.” he added.

“They are both known to me by fame alone,” said Sir Demetrius “Let them in, Nestor!” he commanded.

The young sentry came down and unlocked the heavy iron gate, and let the two guests in. “Please follow the stairs up to the main chamber, my Lords. You will find Sir Demetrius there! Your horses will be taken good care of in the meantime!”

They went up the stairs, and into the main chamber, but Sir Demetrius called them outside on the battlements. He welcomed them and asked for their forgiveness, as the weather was brilliant, the sun was warm and the cool breeze from the sea was refreshing, so it would be better to remain in the open for a little longer.

The general explained to Sir Demetrius in brief how things were progressing in the kingdom of Ceragem, the fall of King Kellanved, the Duke’s seizing of power, the imprisonment of the Queen, and the rise of the Dragons, who it was not clear yet why they were allies with the Duke.

Sir Demetrius listened to all the General had to say with great interest and felt sorry for the ills that befell on the people of Ceragem. But when the General said that they were here to ask for his aid, he was reluctant to say yes and aid them in their quest. The Sea Serpents could be back any day, and he wanted to go in battle against them as soon as they appeared.

However, he was a hospitable host, and he asked from Man-at-Arms to prepare a small meal for them. He also asked for the last bottle of finest wine he had brought with him when he came to this land.

The meal was rich, the wine divine, and the company became very tight very quickly! Soon the three men exchanged stories and experiences from long ago… Sir Demetrius described his victories over the Sea Serpents, while Sir Baldthar remembered defying his former cruel master and thus forming his Vanguard, he recalled his jousting tournaments, especially the one in Winterhaven, and then he came to talk of the Dragon Lord that appeared in the shape of men! He wished and hoped his valour was strong enough to help him defy these horrible enemies! He hoped to defeat the Dragons as well as Sir Demetrius did defeat the Sea Serpents, who were distant cousins of the Dragons… at that remark, Sir Demetrius felt a certain urge to see and fight these Dragons himself…but the hour was getting late.

The meal was over and the two men had to be on their way! Sir Baldthar commented that he’d hope to fight alongside Sir Demetrius one day…”perhaps that day will come” he ended his phrase.
“Sooner than you think, Sir!” said Sir Demetrius!

“Man-at-Arms! Saddle my horse! Prepare my armour! Bring out my Banner! I’ll ride along righteous men one more time!” and Man-at-Arms left to prepare his Master’s gear.

“I think we did well, Sir Baldthar! We have one more valuable ally on our side” said the General with a new feeling of hope!

Wolf Knight:

As they climbed on their horses, young Nestor bid them farewell…

…and after a few steps, Sir Demetrius appeared in his full gear! Ready for battle!

The white tower crest shone with a unique brilliance, and his formidable stature was becoming more intimidating by his huge banner!

“Let us ride alongside, my friends! Let’s bring light to the hearts of foul beasts and fear into the hearts of evil men!”

But the two men felt overpowered by his presence, a strange light indeed shone over that man, and their will to follow him, not join him felt great!

Thus, the three of them, rode on into adventure!

Wolf Knight:

Finally!!! This story was told! Much anticipated by some who knew it all about!

I must thank once again Arnaud cowbounga for this magnificent White Tower knight, a tribute to the real White Tower of Thessaloniki, my homecity.

The project, although well planned ahead a long time ago, was not completed until last Wednesday. And now here it is! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it!!!

Thanks for reading  :)


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