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Ceragem photostory: New Order

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Wolf Knight:
The Obsidian Tower, on the north mountain line of the Kingdom of Ceragem…

The doors open wide and a carriage carrying a mysterious heavy load approaches the Red Falcon knights who arrived to accompany the carriage to the Jade capital.

‘’So this is the cargo, eh?’’ observed the Red Falcon champion ‘’Why do you need us to come along?’’
‘’This is a most precious cargo! The Duke needs to make sure it will arrive safely in Jade Castle’’ said the Captain of the Obsidian Tower Guard

‘’Yeah, well, as long as we take the gold we are fine with the assignments.’’ Said the Red Hawk champion… ‘’Let’s move on then!’’

Wolf Knight:
Jade City, the west side city dungeon

The district guard held captive by the Red Hawk forces…

Lord Karnadas, head of the entire city guard has just arrived, along with his steward and the Red Hawk steward, to demand the release of the district guard.

‘’Lord Karnadas,’’ said the Red Hawk steward, ‘’I’ll let the captain in charge here to release your men, and you will immediately tell them to disperse. We don’t need a fight right now, and especially with all that is at stake here.’’
Lord Karnadas, just nod his head in a sad mood.

‘’Guard, call on your captain! Now!’’

‘’Sir Steward!’’ Said the captain with a boredom look in his eye… ‘’To what do I owe the pleasure?’’
‘’Orders from Lord Blackhawk, signed by the Duke! You are to release your prisoners! Now!’’
‘’Release them? But we just locked them up!’’
‘’Now captain! Unless you want me to ask Lord Blackhawk to came down here himself and ask you that?’’
‘’Eh… no, no need, Sir!’’ said the captain with a tone of fear in his voice

‘’Just remember what we agreed upon, Lord Karnabas’’

The dungeon gate opened and the prisoners slowly began their exit.
‘’Lord Korabas! What is happening?’’ asked the district captain

‘’You and your men are released, captain! You are now in service of the Duke! You are to disperse until further notice!’’
‘’But,… my Lord…’’

‘’Come, come now captain! Let’s not make this more difficult than already is… Are you ready to disperse? Or shall I have the Red Hawk elite here disperse you?’’ said the Red Hawk steward.
‘’No need for that…’’ replied Lord Karnabas

‘’Captain, please do as ordered. The fate of the city and our Queen depends on it.’’
‘’Very well, my Lord…’’ replied the captain with a sad look on his face.

Thus this district’s city guard was also released, as were others throughout Jade.

Have your Hawks prey upon them, captain, should they be of any trouble…

Wolf Knight:
In the meantime, in the great throne room...
‘’Higher! Higher you buffoons!!’’
‘’Dhu…yes Lord Olaf, sir…’’
‘’Don’t dhu me you miserable peasant! Place the banner higher!!!’’

‘’Olaf!!! My dear half brother!!!’’ cried the Duke
‘’Korbal… Why do I need to prepare your throne room? I have more important business to attend to!’’

‘’And what would those be, dear half brother?  Pillage and murder?’’
‘’You know very well I left those instincts far behind me, Korbal…’’
‘’Ah yes! You fancy portraying yourself as a civilsed Viking now!! Thus, no horns on your helmet, yes?’’

‘’You two! Get out my sight! Out! Now!!!’’
‘’Dhu… Yes your majesty…’’
‘’I am not a king you idiots! Out! Now!’’

‘’Dhu… he is not the king?’’
‘’Dhu… I don’t know! What’s a king?’’
‘’Dhu … you’re stupid…’’
‘’Dhu… you’re silly…’’

‘’Your Grace! Your nephew has just arrived!!’’

‘’What? Who told you to leave the Obsidian Tower?’’
‘’Father has, your Grace!’’
‘’Is that so? And who is in charge of the guard there?’’
‘’…Come on give the kid a break Korbal! It’s good to see you son!’’
‘’So this is a blasted family reunion… are you two serious?’’

‘’Ah… your throne, uncle!’’
‘’And you had to blast the throne room’s door to get it through? Are you serious?’’

‘’Sorry your Grace, it could not fit otherwise!’’

‘’Ah my poor throne room….’’
‘’Come, come now brother… We’ll get your pretty throne room fixed…’’

‘’Besides once that is in its place…’’

‘’..and you sit upon it…’’

‘’…you’ll feel much much better…’’

Wolf Knight:
Jade Gate

‘’So, when are these new shields coming up?’’
‘’Any time now, I believe, Sir…’’

‘’Dhu… someone told us to bring these here…’’
‘’Dhu.. are we in the right place?’’

‘’Yes! Yes, you are Hurry now! First bring the old shields down off their place’’
‘’Dhu…these red ones are beautiful!!! And they look new too, dhu…’’
‘’Yes, yes! Hurry up now! Put these new blue ones in their place!’’

‘’Ah… Captain… you better see this….’’

‘’Yes, yes! In a minute! Hurry you two!! There’s an inspection in ten minutes!’’
‘’Dhu, so the blue goes up there?’’
‘’Yes, yes! Hurry up!!!’’

‘’Ah… Captain… this is important… you better take a look!!!’’

‘’Yes, yes! In a minute!!! Hurry you two!!!’’
‘’Dhu… this guy sounds like a parrot …’’
‘’Dhu… he sure sounds like one … he is funny…’’

‘’What in blue blazes do you want?’’
‘’Dhu… blue like the new shields hoho…’’

‘’Excuse me, Captain… we demand to see the Duke!!! Not in a moment! Now!!’’
‘’What the… the four Margraves!!! All of them!! Together!!!’’

‘’And … they brought some… friends, Sir…’’
‘’Dhu… we’re outta here!!!’’
‘’Stop the dhu and run, no time to play the fools now!!!’’

‘’so… ‘’

‘’ what… do we owe… the pleasure dear Lords?’’

‘’Take us to the Duke… Now!’’
‘’Why, yes! ‘’
‘’He seems to say this word a lot, brother’’
‘’Sergeant, escort them to the Duke’’

‘’As for you lads… and lasses… anyone want a milk bone?.... No? … Won’t mind If I‘ll have one then…’’

Wolf Knight:
Back in the Throne Room:

‘’See? Not so bad after all, brother’’ said Olaf with a crooked smile

‘’And here are your shields, this room is ready for you’’
Korbal was feeling uneasy for a reason…

‘’And now that your room is ready, brother, I take my leave! I have other business to attend to as I already told you…’’

‘’Come my son, we must get you back to the Obsidian Tower… we don’t want your uncle’s enemies take advantage of the lack of security there… we cannot afford to lose the Obsidian Tower…’’
…he is right… thought Korbal… The Dragonians better keep their end of the bargain, otherwise all is lost…

A sergeant burst into the throne room: ‘’Your Grace, your Grace! The Four Margraves are demanding an audience with you!!’’

‘’WHAT? All four of them? Together?’’
‘’Yes your Grace!  And their wolves are all gathered outside the city walls!‘’

‘’Well then, best  don’t let them be waiting… Show them in!’’
‘’Yes your Grace! ‘’
… what do they want now …

‘’Your… Grace…’’ said the Gold Margrave with an irony in his voice…
‘’My lords!’’  the Duke stood to greet them ‘’To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?’’

‘’Let’s cut to the chase…your Grace! You know why we are here!’’
‘’Why don’t you state your business again, my Lords?’’

‘’Very well! We are here to make sure the border army is not needed to bring your rule down!’’ said the Anthracite Margrave.

‘’You know, as long as the ruler of this Kingdom is not intending to go after its most valuable treasure, the cornerstones that hold this realm all together, the border army will still protect the land…’’ said the White Margrave

The Duke felt a little relieved… ‘’No, of course I don’t intend of exploiting this land’s real treasure! What? You think you are dealing with an ignorant fool?’’

‘’Good! For as long as the true treasure of Ceragem remains unharmed, so does everything else on this kingdom! The true treasure is our sentience. Everything lives thanks to it! Our duty is to protect the treasures from all kinds of enemies, foreign and domestic!’’ continued the White Margrave
‘’My good lords! Rest assured! The true treasure will come to no harm! But change in this land is of the outmost importance! Things are now in motion they cannot be undone!’’ replied the Duke

‘’As long as the true treasure is safe, our work is done here… but beware! We are watching!!!’’ said the Gold Margrave

…’’And just don’t forget our agreement’’… said the anthracite margrave to the Duke in a low tone as his brothers were moving away…
‘’How could I?’’ replied the Duke in the same manner
How could I, indeed….


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