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Disassembling the 3880 fire engine

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This is a follow up to the topic on altering the roller shutters on the 3880 which can be found here:

First, take everything lose off or out of the body, including the flashing light unit and, if possible, the water monitor. (Pic 1)

Then turn the body upside down and you will see four red clips; these hold the body in place on the white chassis. (Pic 2)

Use a small screwdriver to press the tab backwards and slightly downwards so the tab is just below the surface.  You can do one tab at a time. (Pics 3 and 4)

Now both front tabs are pressed back and down (Pic 1) so you need to do the same with the rear tabs.

Push the roller shutters up so you can get the fingers of your hand into the storage area, and press your thumb against the rear tab, pushing it towards the front of the vehicle.  (Pic 2)  You can do this with both hands so both tabs are released at once.  I've only shown one hand in the picture because I don't have three hands.

The body will pop clear (Pic 3) and you can then separate the main body from the white chassis by lifting it from the front.  (Pic 4)

Next stage is separating the grey chassis from the body.

There are two tabs, one at each side, which hold the radiator grille in place  Pic 1 shows one of them.

Press this gently back with a small screwdriver (Pic 2)... it springs clear of the body (Pic 3).

At the other side of the grille, as well as the tab at the side, there is also one at the top of the grille (the bottom of course when the body etc are upside down as in the picture (Pic 4).   Remember when reassembling that the extra tab goes at the top.

If the radiator grille doesn't pop out of its own accord when the second tab is pushed back, push against the back of the grille and it will come free.

Once the grille is out, you can separate the body from the grey chassis.

Now you have access to the storage area (Pic 1) and you can start to remove the roller shutters.

The first thing to do is to pull the shutters down (Pic 2) and then gently pull up the two pieces which hold the shutters in place as far as they'll go (they shouldn't come right out).  Pic 3.

Then carefully start pushing the bottom of the shutter behind the body (Pic 4).

Push the shutter carefully out so it is clear of the body (Pic 1) and then pull it free.  After that you just need to trim off the topmost strip as shown in the thread on altering the roller shutters.

Reassembly is basically the reverse process, but remember that if the parts which hold the roller shutters in place come out, when putting them back in the piece with the holes at the bottom goes at the front.

In all parts of disassembling this or any other Playmobil item, work carefully and gently and avoid using force.


The same basic procedures will work when disassembling other Playmobil vehicles, but remember each vehicle is different and so you will need to modify your technique and these methods appropriately.


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