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Title: Kingdoms' Map New Guidelines
Post by: tonguello on June 16, 2011, 21:16:22
Dear all:

The primary idea for the creation of this Map, made by WarriorOfToys, was simply to place everybody’s virtual kingdoms on the same map. A map that would be used as reference for photo-stories, virtual tournaments, and any kind of community event proper to be accommodated in this forum.
This is the spirit of the original idea that we value and we want to rescue.

So here are the guidelines for the use of the map and derives threads.

The map itself
•   The last version of the map is the one which will be the current actual map. Every member will still own the land that was theirs in the last updated version though some changes might be made to make it fare to everyone.
•   As we want to include as much members as possible, and having in mind the flow of people in the forum who might be interested in this project, the so far unclaimed lands will be able to be claimed only by members with no lands yet. Therefore the portions that remain unclaimed will be left blank for future members who wishes to participate. Until someone claims them those lands can be declared as water, desert, forest or plain. Meanwhile any member would not need permission from anyone else to use those lands for their photo-stories, but they must be used as they were declared (land, sea, dessert etc) and no one is allowed to “stay” in these lands.

The use of the map


•   As stated before, the map is for placing our virtual kingdoms in a common virtual world to use as base for private or common projects.

•   To make things simple in a multicultural forum, we must “keep it simple”, so:

•   Eventhough the kingdoms will be place in the same world, each member will rule their land as they wish, meaning they’ll have as many races as they want, have magic or not etc, use the heraldry they need to use to match their collections, make it historically correct or not, etc.

•   The relationship between kingdoms would be as in the real world. A member who wishes to interact in any way (tournament, story, etc) with other member or members must make an agreement with the members in question.  That means if you want to use their land, either to go through it or to use as part of your photo-story, you must have permission from the owner of the kingdom to do so. Even if you just want to mention another player’s kingdom in a photo-story, you should probably okay it with the member. Please keep in mind this goes both ways, so you should have a good reason why and why not to let people use your kingdom.

•   All interactions must be in the forms previously stated: Story, photo-story (private or group), international tournament etc in its own and identifiable topic.

•   As it was already told, this is not, and will not become once more, a role playing game. Meaning by role playing game, all the talk back and forth in character between kings of the land or different story characters,  out on the public forum taking the thread off-topic (or even if it doesn’t). All discussions regarding stories or developments must be talked out privately and then presented as a photo-story to show the rest of the members. Roleplaying in private with our forum’s message system is quite alright, even encouraged so that we can have more collaborative photo stories. Please have a complete story ready to present before posting

•   This present project (as the original one) is not meant to be a world-conquest game, such as Risk, or similar, where the first who ends up owning the whole map is the winner and then the game is over.
Again, we encourage you and suggest you to be part of that sort of game, if you want, in a private way or in a more proper forum platform such as Gardenwargaming.

This is about sharing a common world, and being able to interact with each other in it developing and sharing our artistic skills.

Please read carefully these guidelines and make all the necessary questions. The thread will be opened on Saturday morning.
Have in mind that this thread will be closely watched. It’s been and will be a lot of work and will be closed at once, with the first rule breaking, with no option to be reinstated. So please respect your fellow members!

Have fun everyone!
Title: Re: Kingdoms' Map New Guidelines
Post by: WarriorOfToys on June 16, 2011, 21:46:16
Well I probably won't be here for the reopening. :P
But I hope Everyone enjoys it. :wave:
Title: Re: Kingdoms' Map New Guidelines
Post by: grangel on June 17, 2011, 10:01:26
Ithaca's administration will be also on vacations for a week.So have fun neighbours!! :wave:
Title: Re: Kingdoms' Map New Guidelines
Post by: Hadoque on June 17, 2011, 12:08:59
I haven't been following the Kingdoms' Map-stories/threads in the past... I suppose these Kingdoms are all Medieval? Are they situated in the same era?
Or are there f.e. also Roman, Greek, Egyptian, etc... Kingdoms?
Title: Re: Kingdoms' Map New Guidelines
Post by: tonguello on June 17, 2011, 12:15:44
So far they are mostly medieval AFAIK but members can do what they want in their own land.
But if someone's kingdom is medieval and historically correct, it's unlikely that member would interact with any B.C. or magical kingdom.

It is a matter of choice. No rule against romans, egyptian, fairies etc.
Title: Re: Kingdoms' Map New Guidelines
Post by: WarriorOfToys on June 18, 2011, 12:17:46
You can have whatever style Kingdom you want.
We have a member with an Egyptian Kingdom already, because he had no Medieval.
There is really only one rule about "historical accuracy" and that is,
No personal firearms, and no late period cannons. (From like Napoleonic times.)
As long as they carry melee weapons, you can join. :wave: