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A new PM Tool (but not what you expect ;-)

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Little Jo:
I have had enough of always walking to the workshop fetching a screwdriver just when I wanted to insert or change the batteries into the battery compartement of a blinking lights enabled vehicle (or the flootlight). So I got the idea to extend my always handy Playmobil tool set by another one: a screedriver. I took the standard yellow tool (which is used for assembling the System-X building connectors) and removed the blade. This can be done quite easily with a pair of pliers and slightly turning movements, because the blade is only be stucked into the plastic handle. The new blade is simply made by a suitable screwdriver bit (Pozidrive/PZ 1); I grinded the hexagon end until it was round and it had the same diameter than the handle opening fitting tight into it; for this I used a grinding machine. The final step was to shorten the bit that way, that the narrower end of the blade just ends at the handle opening.

(Only shortcoming is, that using the standard yellow handle there is not distinction by color at a glance; another colored handle would be more suitable here ... so I plan to try to bleach it with some hydrogen peroxide.)

[This article is also available at my homepage.]

Little Jo:
BTW, I never understand, why Playmobil designed the battery compartements in that user unfriendly way (needing a screwdriver for battery swap or insertion) ... maybe there are some security considerations regarding kids safety ...

What a clever idea! :D

I'm always misplacing screwdrivers, especially the small one I use for pushing legs off klickies. :-[ I like the handy way you have joined your Playmo tools together with a chain. :yup:

Very inventive, Jochen. 8-)

That's a very clever idea, Jochen.

As regards bleacing the handle, there's always the chance that this might affect the strength of the plastic, so maybe just a splash of paint or a tag on the handle is the answer.

I think you're right about security, kids and batteries, knowing the desire of youngsters to taste anything they pick up! :omg:

Hello  Jochen  :)

This is excellent, thank you for sharing it with us !! I am certainly going to have to have a go at making one of these.

Kindest Regards  Tim  :)9


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