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70368 Coral Mermaid Lounge part question

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Does anyone have the Mermaid Lounge set? The darker coral has a new part number 30 06 3423. Is it different than other pink corals already seen? Anyone know for sure? It looks like it's darker than the usual 30 29 7230. Don't know if I should get it for Animobil or not.

Here is 30 29 7230, it looks in some set pics like it is darker?

I would be happy to order the new part number from DS to check this out, but geobra still aren't offering a spare parts service to the UK!

Tim, I'm pretty sure I bought that set recently - I think I can find it pretty quickly . . . . I'll be back.  :)

Hi again, Tim!

The coral from 70368 is definitely darker - I've attached a photo.  I'd be happy to send one to you for Animobil - just PM me with your address.  :)

Thanks so much Indianna! I have been on the fence about that set but if it really has a unique part then I will go ahead and get it. Thanks for the offer of the coral, much appreciated.


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