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System X vs Steck - why the change?

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arab warrior:
Hmmmm, obviously i had to say more :)
Of course the opera is huge and beautiful etc. and i didn't want to put the sestym x down or favour steck, but if they'd developed steck system more i'm sure an opera house or something similar was made possible as well.
The question was 'why Playmobil moved from the Steck system to System-X' i answered that it was because it was cheaper to make.
The photo i posted (with to little words) was just for sentimental reasons, i think it looks very nice.

Sir Gareth:
It is fair to say that both systems have their good and bad points.

I have lots of steck and system X buildings and I like both types.

However I do favour steck for castle construction due to the ability to produce larger castles and walls.

System X is best suited to modern buildings like the airport, hospital, modern house and so on where a more complex design of angles are required for the correct look.

The thing about system x is ........... it is far more child friendly and robust. Kick a steck building and chances are something will get broken. Kick a system x building and it will just pop apart at the joints, and be easy to fix (if you haven't lost the instructions) It is an important consideration for a company that is supposed to be producing childrens toys.

That said, I much prefer steck, but then, I'm not a child  ;)

eek, my first post!


--- Quote from: Nessie on September 30, 2007, 19:15:22 ---....  but then, I'm a child  ;)
--- End quote ---

You're sure?

I think Steck is better. I have a System X castle and I can't even scoot it across the floor an inch without it falling apart. Very frustrating.


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