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System X vs Steck - why the change?

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Martin Milner:
Forgive me if this has been discussed before - I have searched on the word "system" and didn't find a specific thread about this topic.

I'm wondering if people know why Playmobil moved from the Steck system to System-X. I haven't got any Steck buildings (I only used to buy figures), but from photos I've seen it worked fine, and didn't need changing.

1) no fiddly little red & yellow bits to attach/lose/swallow/tread on etc.
2) stronger buildings once assembled. The System X parts break with any small movement
3) no need to put a "key" in every set for attaching the fiddle red & yellow connectors

The Steck system appears to be just as adaptable as the X system, in terms of expanding or customising buildings - if you've got enough of the right parts, which is equally true of System X.

In addition, the changeover is punishing people who bought the Steck system as now they can't expand on it, unless Playmobil produce steck to system X connectors, as I have seen suggested here.

So why change? System X appears to have no advantages, but a number of disadvantages.

During the meet in 2004 in Zirndorf, Germany, we met one of the designers. When he was asked about the change from Steck to System-X he told us that even within the design-team of Playmobil there was some opposition. Not all of tehm favoured the new system, but it was greatly pushed by Mr. Brandstater himself.
I guess it's just a versitile from their point of view, perhaps even more so. As they aren't catering for collectors nor are they focussed on kids who like to build complete new buildings, they will not be taking into account the possibility of creating a construction-toy. But that's just my own 0.02 worth.


arab warrior:
It has been discussed before many times, if not here then somewhere else.
But don't let that stop you to ask a very legit question.

All the things you argue Martin are true!
Steck is better, no doubt about it!
It's appearance is more beautiful, the quality is better and the possibilities are almost endless.
If they wanted to they could have developed the steck system down to a fine art, it's not fair of me to say I'm bias, i played with the old steck system when i was young and therefore anything new playmobil throws at me is compaired with what was made before.

People who think system x is equal or even better than steck are not wrong, but they're not right either!!
When i look at the sets my son has i can clearly see the difference, for example: the set 3080 (space starship) it looks fantastic (from a child's point of view) but when the @^#$@^ thing sets a course to infinity and beyond it breaks apart just when it has passed the kuiper belt ???
For buildings the system is OK, but not more than that, it has potential, o.k. i admit, but for kids it's a nightmare!! If they want to build anything with it they need the help from an adult.
If they want to build something else they need the help from that same adult to remove the red and yellow connectors and to replace them..............etc

The reason why they changed to system x has to be a money issue.
The steck pieces are actually very thick and heavy and hence more costly to produce!
So i understand why they changed, but if you don't mind i stick with the original.


arab warrior:
Need i say more?

mmm - sorry, Arab Warrior - but that wouldn't convince me.
I've seen Daniella's opera. That's made entirely from system-X and would impossibly been made with steck. Both systems have their virtues. Personally, I prefer Steck - but that's all it is. I personal favourite.



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