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As its the month of August and things are a bit quite on the forum at present I thought I would start a new topic. As the released truck (5640) appears to have been very popular I was wondering what other items Playmobil could released. Not to destroy the collectors market but more as an older item in a more modern form. My vote goes to the Susanne fishing trawler as it would complement the harbour series. Also the price on eBay means that if you had one you would be afraid of actually playing with it. - Regards Craig

I'd like to see the skip lorry, 3471, or a variant of it (a version maybe of the new builder's truck, 4322).  It would still be a modern item and still have lots of play value.  It was something of an unusual choice at the time in my view, but then to some extent German toy manufacturers tend to do this, witness Bruder with the construction trailer with the warning sign on which Playmobil are now "copying".

well, being a girl, you can't expect me to choose just one!.....

i wish they would re-release the 3769 western farmhouse, the 3695 snow plough. oh, and any of the cars (but preferably the family van and trailer) in a green colour.

please, please pretty please?

claire :)

Medieval civilians,please-townspeople,travelling acrobats and minstrels,clergy-and so on.You can't have a war going on all the time,sometimes even the bravest knights need some rest and relaxation! ;D


--- Quote from: EDWINMODELS on August 18, 2007, 17:54:34 ---Not to destroy the collectors market but more as an older item in a more modern form.
--- End quote ---

Hello, Craig ...

Thanks for starting this topic!

If Horst Brandst├Ątter said that I could take over Zirndorf's new product design for the next few years, I would renew several themes from Playmobil's past.

The first on the list would be a 2009 re-release of Playmobil's wonderful Belle Epoque series from the late Victorian era. 2009 will be the twentieth anniversary of the introduction of Playmobil's "1900" Series!

In my opinion, the Victorian Belle Epoque 1900 theme that was started in 1989 was never really completed. There are still so many more new sets to make.

Thanks again, Craig. And, all the best,


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