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Amazing Photos from German Exhibition

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If you haven't seen these photos (or even if you have seen them), they're worth a look !!!

Click HERE

Captain Henry:
WOW! Thanks for that link Richard. Those are amazing creations.

Of course, I am especially interested in that magnificent, enormous ship! That is a truly breathtaking custom.

Yep, she's an amazing ship. That's the Dolphin by Macgayver. You can see some in process pics at his website: Just click on the Dolphin link on the left.
I hear they are going to do another show next year, The Sumo from Playmo-Portal organized it and he seemed to be going to do it again.

Captain Henry:
Thanks for the link Tim! I thought it might be MacGayver's work when I saw his avatar hanging off the ship in a lifeboat! :D

I had seen his Unicorn, of course, but this, this is unbelievable! Truly a vessel worthy of being the flagship of ANY fleet!

Great pictures, thanks a lot for the link  ;D


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