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Hi all, this is a review of the Bat Fairy Ruins set. I know there is interest in it since it has Steck castle parts and other interesting bits. I am hosting images on my own site that doesn't have extra security so if images don't show up for you I have put a link directly under each photo.

The Box front:

Pretty standard for this theme for the box.

Open box with bagged contents:

Happily they have left enough room in the box you could put a second unassembled complete set in there for storage  :hmm:

The set assembled from the inside view

Note the gargoyle is the same color as the walls and is a unique color to this set so far (as are the walls - more on that in a moment)
Also of interest is that the floor of the ruins is a new piece and has slots for the ladder and the shield grip. You can pick up the set without the ladder falling off.

The other side of the set

One thing I really like about this set is how it is a nice complete scene from all sides. It is especially good from the long front and back but works from any angle.

Many bats in this set, plus a pair of crows

The thing I dislike about the set the most is that the larger tree is not molded to fit the root piece. Both have been used before and the tree was made for directly on a landscape plate not to fit on top of that root piece. It looks awkward and wrong to me, the one part of the set really that just doesn't work.

Here is the wall color in comparison to a regular light grey rock on the left and classic castle Steck wall attached on the right

The set comes with 2 of the round tower window wall sections, one double female connector, two corner connectors, one three way connector, the broken round wall with window piece, the short broken wall top piece, the small end short broken wall piece, the gargoyle and a small adapter for the gargoyle to sit on. All in this blue grey color unique to Steck parts. The instructions are online at Playmobil and all part numbers can be found there.

The Steck connected unique parts for this set.

The large dark grey rock piece has a place on the bottom to fit a battery operated LED light fixture to light up the holes in the rock. There are special pins for that to be seen in a moment. It also has a hole that requires a lid to cover on the end. Not super useful in regular Steck construction.

The smaller rock piece is a more useful shape, but has gold printing on it. The printing looks great and could be erased off, but you will be paying the price of a printed piece from DS for it.

The floor fits nicely in a half round tower and could be useful any time you area construction such as this. Note it sticks out in front of the wall on the left.

The tree is the most useful bit in my opinion.

Note it is a little taller than one Steck unit high. Looks great though and has a few holes on the sides for attaching to as well as that nice length to the branch sticking out.

The light feature on the large rock is interesting. It is a very bright light. That is because you fill in all the holes in the rock. The set comes with pins that fit in the holes. Some are in milky trans light blue and the others in the dark rock color. A surprising and wonderful aspect to the set is that they have given you enough of each pin to fill all the holes in the big rock. The instructions say to use three crystals per side of the rock. You can change that however you want though.

The rock pinned with the light on in the dark:

Extra pins in the rock compartment

Some of the extra pins in front of the outside of the rock

These pins are a standard size. That means you can use them to fill any hole that is designed to fit a typical small plant stem. Here they are on the baseplate from the lava scorpion set.

The dark grey rock pin could be super useful to diorama makers who need something to fill in obvious baseplate holes. Hopefully it will come out one day in other rock colors. I hope the designers realize how useful this piece is and do reuse it. It would be a shame if this is the only time we ever see it.


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