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Kirkbean Playmobil Festival 2016

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Having seen a comment recently about last year's event I realised that I hadn't posted anything about this year's festival.

It is due to take place from  Friday 22nd - Monday 25th July.

I am a little behind in the organising as my husband Sandy passed away suddenly at Easter.  He was a great supporter of the event and I know he would have wanted us to carry on so it is giving us as a family something to look forward to.

We are being joined once again by Gordon (playmofire) whose display this year is a variation of his Island Railway and Walter (Walt's-Trains)  who is bringing his Winter display.

As a family we are producing four displays ourselves.
I have been asked to repeat my Hogwarts and Hogsmeade diorama, hopefully with more students - perhaps on one of the Hogsmeade visit days. 
Our other dioramas include a sea battle of sorts - Sandy was going to help with that so I am still planning what to do (any ideas would be appreciated!)
Also a type of farm/fun park diorama and a dinosaur/stone age themed one.
In addition we are having small nursery rhyme scenes dotted around the hall.

Lots to do, not helped by the fact that a lot of my Playmobil is in storage and I have to try to remember what I have and try to work out what more I need to obtain.

If anyone can get along to visit (or help set up in the week before the event) you will be made very welcome.   :)

Wonderful Elaine!  I was just wondering about Kirkbean, so glad you are proceeding with the tradition, it is the highlight of the summer.   :)


So sorry about your loss :(

Though I can't see it in person, looking forward to pics from your displays. You always have great ones.

That is very sad news about Sandy, Elaine. I hope preparations for Kirkbean may be good for you as a family, but it will no doubt seem very different this year, like everything, I guess!
I would love to come and help out, but I fear my own family commitments will make that difficult. One day maybe!

Glad to hear you're going to carry on and do the show this year Elaine, since it's what he would have wanted. I know it isn't easy under the circumstances. Hopefully it will be therapeutic for you and your boys.


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