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Luxplaymodays 2014 - detailed photos of 13 dioramas

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This is the first floor (or the second floor if you're American, I believe)

And here's the top floor:

Next in line was the "Fairies in danger" diorama by Incador and Ratatouille. It was magical, especially the lake  :) And great to see those new fairy sets displayed like that.

This is a diorama of a music academy in celebration (made by Anita, with the help of Lucie). I was in awe of the custom made buildings and the theater looked stunning. They're performing Snowwhite and the seven dwarves  ;D

These diorama builders came all the way from Spain.
Their display of Hannibal's invasion was huge, but still it was detailed to perfection.

In this picture, I think there's a kid who couldn't help but touch - I understand  :lol:


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