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How to Revive Maisie & Fred's Excellent Adventure

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great fun project!!!  :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

So... it is not the actual same clicky going around the world, I mean really travelling by post, but a "common-agreed-on-clicky" photographed in different locations?? right?

Yes, that's right, from what I understand. That's why it might be better to choose one or two that everyone can get their hands on easily. I suggest a special that is new to the export market, so it will certainly be available to everyone for a while, perhaps this one:  :lol: I think he's got a lot of character, and could easily be Fred and Maisie's grandson. I can see  him having an interesting perspective, looking for places to skateboard all over the world. ;)

A tamer alternative would be: I really like her. :love:

If she were available worldwide, I'd say the flight attendant was perfect.

Bonnie, why not separate the posts about the new "travelling" klickies into a topic of it's own; that may attract more interest and ideas as this is an old topic.

I was thinking the same thing, we're messing up the continuity of this thread by discussing this. I'll split it.

what about bikini girl or the cheer leader as the grandaughter?
I could be fun to use the "bomshell" - "dumb-teenage- blonde" stereotypes  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Other than that the flight attendant I think it is a great idea.  :)


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