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Re: Widsith, part 1
« Reply #10 on: April 23, 2013, 20:51:29 »
Loving those new photos loads of cool rulers I like Theodoric, Attilla and Alexander in particular but, the photos are all very good look forward to seeing more  :)

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Re: Widsith, part 1
« Reply #11 on: April 23, 2013, 21:44:58 »
Thanks! I'm so excited to be able to share them.  I have another bunch of photos ready to format and post and then I'll finally have to get back to setting up the last scenes to shoot.  I need photos for this section and planned to have group shots, which will tax my imagination:

I was with the Huns and  the glorious Goths,
with the Swedes and with the Geats and with the South-Danes.
I was with the Wenlas, the Waerne and the Wicingas.
I was with the Gefthan, the Winedas and the Gefflegan.
I was with the Angles, the Swaefe and the Aenenas.
I was with the Saxons, the Sycgan and the Sweordweras.
I was with the Hronan, the Dean and the Heathoreamas.
I was with the Thuringians and with the Throwendas


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Widsith update
« Reply #12 on: April 28, 2013, 20:03:31 »
"Widsith" is an anonymously written poem from the Anglo-Saxon era.  It is a list poem, listing places, tribes and leaders that the speaker, Widsith, has visited.  I always thought that illustrating it would help people see how cool it is.  I think that its appeal to me is much like that of the random background characters of the first Star Wars films.  Boba Fett had maybe one line in the early films, but everyone wanted to play him on the playground.  All of those characters got action figures and everyone wanted to own them and know the random bits of information about them, all suggesting some sort of story and larger universe.  "Widsith" is like that, to me, at least.  I have about 100 images and will easily need thirty more to finish it.  When people start to get the feel of it, I'll start asking for suggestions for portraits of my last groups and leaders. 


Widsith spoke, unlocked his wordhoard...

He who had traveled most of all men through tribes and nations across the earth.

Often he had gained great treasure in hall.

He belonged by birth to the Myrging tribe.

Along with Ealhild, the kind peace-weaver,

For the first time, from the Baltic coast, he sought the home of Eormanric, king of the Ostrogoths…

…hostile to traitors.

‘I have heard of many men
who ruled over nations.'

‘Every leader should live uprightly,’

‘Rule his estates according to custom, if he wants to succeed to a kingly throne.’

Hwala, for a time was the best of all

And Alexander too, the noblest of men who prospered most of all of those that I have heard of across the earth.

Attila ruled the Huns

Eormanric ruled the Goths

Becca the Baningas

Gifica the Burgundians

Caesar ruled the Greeks

And Caelic the Finns

Hagena the Holmrycgas

Henden the Glomman

Witta ruled the Swaefe

Wada the Haelsingas,

Meaca the Myrgingas,

Mearc the Hundingas.

Theodric ruled the Franks

Thyle the Rondingas,

Breoca the Brondingas,

Billa the Waerne.

Oswine ruled the Eowan and

Gefwulf the Jutes,

Finn, son of Folcwalda, the Frisian race.

Sigehere for many years ruled the the Sea-Danes,   

Hnaef the Hocingas,

Helm the Wulfingas

Wald the Woingas,

Wod the Thuringians,

Saeferth the Sycgan,

Aelfwine too: Eadwine's son.

Ongentheow the Swedes

Sceafthere the Ymbran

Sceaf the Langobards

Hun the Haetware

Holen the Wrosnan

Hringwald was called
the king of the Herefaran

Offa ruled the Angles

Alewih the Danes

He was the bravest of all those men,
but could not defeat Offa in deeds of arms,

and the noble Offa while still a boy
won in battle the greatest of kingdoms.

No-one of that age ever achieved
more glory than he did.

With his sword alone
he marked the border against the Myrgings
at the mouth of the Eider.

Angles and Swedes
observed it after that as Offa had won it.

Hrothwulf and Hrothgar, nephew and uncle,
held peace together for many years

after they had driven off the Heathobard tribe and beaten down Ingeld's line of battle,
cut down at Heorot the Heathobard force.

So I travelled widely through foreign lands, through distant countries...

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Re: Widsith update
« Reply #13 on: April 29, 2013, 02:18:12 »
This is very cool!  I love it, great history.   :clap:

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Re: Widsith update
« Reply #14 on: April 29, 2013, 08:33:45 »
Wonderful pictures and story too!! Many thanks for sharing.

  Your passion, is inspiration for us!!!!

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Re: Widsith, part 1
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Bumping this thread as it is relevant to a current post  :paddy: :easter:
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