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TLG Glue
« on: October 06, 2012, 15:09:29 »
When I was at the train fair I had a neighbor (13 year old business kid) who was selling a glue that I have never seen or heard of. It was called "The Last Glue" and was from Germany or at least that is what he said. Has anybody tried it or had experience with it. It looked good and had features like fillers and such but it was so expensive. I wanted to find out if anybody had tried it. The reason I ask is I seem to always have bad luck bonding stress points in playmoibl. I have train couplers or snap tabs that never seem to last. I have tried 2 part epoxies, super glue, and even the PVC solvent that welds the bond

Also is it available in a different brand but is the same thing with out the price tag? This TLG stuff is $2 per ml.  :hmm:
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