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Santa's Coach

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Sir Gareth:
I recently got a new western set 4072 which came with a new colour scheme coach and I think it looks more like the colours used in the Christmas set's, so I called it the Christmas coach. I have added a few bits to it and it now sits to my left on one of my display shelves, I haven't put any stickers on to it yet but I think it looks OK.

Oh man! I love that one too!!  I don't collect western, I don't collect western, I don't collect western

That's a great display, Garry, and well-photographed.  I especially like the selecion of packages and presents on the top of the coach.

 How did you do the snow and the background?  (The snow looks a bit like detergent or soap suds.)

How fun! And excellent display! The little angelic girl looking out the window is just perfect! :love:

I do collect Western, I do collect Western, I do collect Western...resistance is futile.   ;D

very origina 8-)


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