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Pictures from the Playmo fair at Kranenburg

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I have learned that 5:00 hrs in not a whole lot of time in getting the complicated scenes set up.
Thank you for the information.

Maybe, some day, I can actually visit this playland or something very similar.
I can dream, can't I?

Little Jo:
Where do you get the information from of such events?

This really looks interesting and animates to visit such an event too; unfortunately I'm living in the south of Germany (near Stuttgart), so do you know if there are any of these events too?



It was announced at the German Playmo-Portal. There are several events in Germany, like Wolfsburg and Ritterhude; you can check out about it here:

Hello, Jean Luc ...

I have been trying to keep from looking at your wonderful fotos ...  8}

Today I looked!

And, I realized that I had indeed missed a great opportunity to really expand my Playmobil collection!

I think that all of us would love to be able attend an event like this. Unfortunately, most of us live too far away ...  :(

How were the prices , Jean Luc ... ???

Were they reasonable? Or, were they very expensive?

Thanks for sharing your visit to to the Playmo fair at Kranenburg with us.

All the best,


--- Quote from: Richard on December 21, 2005, 18:22:11 ---How were the prices , Jean Luc ... ???

Were they reasonable? Or, were they very expensive?
--- End quote ---
Well, that all depends on what you are used to; a lot of articles weren't price-tagged, so if you were interested you had to ask the seller in question. Of course the more sought after or desired a set was by general opinion, the more expensive it was. I do recall a set 3666 for €90 (still sealed). If you were new into the collecting business the prices of the MIB sets might have deterred you; on the other hand, loose items out of boxes/crates were quite reasonable (depending on the size of the object of course).
The pirate color set 3657 I bought was €25 (the seller made a special offer here) and the pony cart set 3583 was €15.


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