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What specific items/pieces would you like to see?

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How could I have forgotten fauns/satyrs! Those would be good for Greek mythology and have cross-over value for other kinds of fantasy, like unofficial Narnia.

--- Quote from: Tiermann on May 28, 2021, 20:19:48 ---Big yes on Cerberus and Minotaur. While at it might as well ask for a Faun or Satyr  and a Centaur. Centaurs have been super popular in customs for years now.

The Victorian camera will be back this Christmas in the next Back to the Future advent calendar. Many of us are happy about that.

They do seem to read these threads sometimes. We have a long time thread on animals people want to see and a great many of them have turned up over the years. The recent red panda looks exactly like one someone posted a drawing of a few years back in that thread. The swan was one of my suggestions a long time ago and it happened. The ice cream shop using the harbor set pieces that came out this year is almost an exact copy of a custom one I did in a diorama posted here a few years ago.

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--- Quote from: drbatesy on May 31, 2021, 09:46:25 ---I would also like to see lemons and limes. The old pirate ships had crates of fruit, but these obvious scurvy preventatives remain missing. They could also, of course, be used in farmers' markets & cetera.

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Lemon and lime slices are now pieces but actual whole fruit not just yet.
This might be a substitute for limes at least:


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