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In honor of NASA's Mars landing today, here are some new playmospace pics

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Apparently you can follow along with the landing scheduled for 12:55 PST today.
Can't wait to see some new Mars pics later!

I had a hard time finding it, but I finally got red kinetic sand for my Mars surface pics.

Beautiful pics, as always, AgeOwns..

Awesome pix! Excellent lighting work  :easterhop: :bloom: :cheerlead:

Wonderful photos! It's a great theme, and wonderful that it is still available here when there are actual Mars things going on.

I had wanted the Mars base for quite some time, but it was pretty expensive for something I don't have room to display :)
But then I found it at WalMart, and the box was beat up very badly, so it was discounted to $60. The box was really in bad shape, but no holes, so I knew all the pieces were still inside.


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