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I'm sending this playmobil astronaut to the moon!


playmobilbadge by Andy Jones, on Flickr

I'm doing the thing with popular YouTuber MrBeast where he's sending a harddrive on the next rocket to the moon and you can upload a photo for $10. So I sent this one.

Thatís a really cool picture AgeOwns. Is it snow being used for the surface of the moon if not what has been used?

Awesome AO! The Gnomes of Zirndorf will be pleased I think  8-)

Ackie, I used kinetic sand. I've since tracked down grey, and finally RED to use for my Mars photos.
It looks good and it's very easy to clean up! My best options though have been buying it online in bulk rather than at a store.

Klickies beat the Chinese?


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