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2016 Photocontest # 3. Theme: The movies

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We've got a new theme and a new contest, ladies and gentlemen!  :D

The new Photocontest theme is: :munch:  The movies   :munch:

As usual, interpretation is completely up to you. A scene from a movie, clickies making movies, watching movies, movie posters, anything cinema-related... I'm excited about this one  ;D

Follow the Photocontest rules:

1) You may submit up to 2 photos.

2) You may start submitting your photos in this topic today and up until Friday 16th of September (= 7 weeks from now).
    Voting will take place from September 17 to September 24.

3) Photo shop and filters are allowed.
    Please take a moment to review all the rules:

4) IMPORTANT: the photo must be originally used for the contest. Do not use an image that you have already used somewhere on the forum, and wait until the contest is finished before posting the image on the forum elsewhere.

5) There are prizes for the winner to choose from. Here's the list, postage is free:

I'll be updating the list with more prizes because my collection has increased 'somewhat' over the years  ;D

Best of luck!!!

Let's get this contest started with a classic from the nineties  ;D

Thank you Raven for the idea on how to create water, I saw it in your last photo story :)

Haha! Awesome work!

Ooooh Im liking this theme!  :love:
I'll try to enter this one

Hilarious pic Birdie!

I need to put my thinking cap on, or at the very least re-watch Gladiator...


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