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2016 Photocontest # 2. Theme: History

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Here we are again with a Photocontest to make you get creative with your collection :klickygrin:

The new Photocontest theme is:  :egypt: :roman: :viking: :knight: HISTORY  :gent: :captain: :indian:  :sherlock:

It was Macruran's idea  8-) It doesn't have to be a historic scene though, interpretation is free!

These are the rules for the contest:

1) You may submit up to 2 photos.

2) You may start submitting your photos in this topic today and up until Sunday 26th of June (= 7 weeks from now).
    Voting will take place from June 27th to July 3rd.

3) Photo shop and filters are allowed.
    Please take a moment to check all the rules:

4) Don't forget: the photo must be originally used for the contest. Do not use an image that you have already used somewhere on the forum, and wait until the contest is finished before posting the image on the forum elsewhere.

5) There are prizes for the winner to choose from. Here's the list, postage is free:

This is a wonderful challenge!  I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about how I could possibly create something for this one.  I don't really have any historical themes.  Well, not in their entirety.  I have a pyramid, for example, but all the Egyptians that went with it were taken apart, so I could have more mid-brown heads and arms to use for modern people. 

Oh, and I've got some stone-age cave people.  But I can't remember who is wearing their hair nowadays.

I tried thinking of 'historical events', but most of what I vaguely remember (I was never a history student, so that's limited) isn't really suitable for a Playmobil reenactment.

But now I've got an idea!  Next challenge: will it work, and look OK?

Thanks Macruran for the fun of this!

I agree that this one is challenging, and that's part of the fun of it.  I don't have nearly the amount of pieces that I would like to make it, so I may flip around my ideas. This one has a broad interpretation of the idea.

I am thinking you could use modern klickies to portray modern "history" scenes, like the JFK assasination or a famous speech or something. Doesn't all have to be....Romans....I myself don't have a concept yet, but I swear I will!

A lot of the recent museum specials would be perfect: Duerer, Night Watch, Fred t G, etc.

Remember it doesn't have to be a historical scene. Anything that can be linked to history will do.

There's western, pirates, knights, Victorian, Egyptian, Roman, cavepeople etc but you can also do Playmobil from the seventies, a history teacher in a classroom, a museum, dinosaurs... Or even something modern, if the link with history is in the picture's title 8-)


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