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2016 Photocontest # 1. Theme: Party

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A new year, a new photocontest!  ;D  This contest's theme is: Party  :party:

These are the rules for the Photocontest:

1) You may submit up to 2 photos.

2) You may start submitting your photos in this topic today and up until Tuesday 22nd of March 2016 (= 7 weeks from now).
    Voting will take place from March 22nd 2016 until March 29th 2016.

3) Photoshop and filters are allowed.
    Please take a moment to review all the rules:

4) Keep in mind: the photo must be originally used for the contest. Do not use an image that you have already used somewhere on the forum, and wait until the contest is finished before posting the image on the forum elsewhere.

5) Of course, there's a prize for the winner. You can pick from the list here:

Oh, what fun!  I love the theme, because I'm sort of the opposite to a party-type, so it will be a nice challenge to think up a scene.

I'm glad there's seven weeks for the contest, because right now my table is still full of ponies, and I'm not having the ponies with a birthday cake....

My niece and nephews have to dress up with costumes for school, because it's 'carnaval' (sort of like one final party before the fasting period until Easter).
That made me think of 'costume party' as a theme, but then Mitri suggested 'party' is more broad. So you can interpret the theme any way you like  :)

This is actually a hard one... I'll have to give it some thought.

Great theme!

Raven you totally need to have a pony party! :lol:


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