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Hello everyone in the playmofriends! I'm thrilled to join this community as a new Playmobil enthusiast. Since I was a child, I've been a big fan of these incredible toys, and now, as an adult, I've found a new passion for them: 3D printing.

Recently, I acquired a 3D printer and discovered that I can take my love for Playmobil to a whole new level. I'm diving into the world of designing my own creations inspired by classic Playmobil sets. It's amazing how modern technology allows us to materialize our ideas in such a tangible way.

One of my current projects is recreating some of my favorite Playmobil sets in digital format to then print them in 3D. From the iconic castle to futuristic space ships, I'm exploring all kinds of designs. I love the creative process behind each project: from conceiving the idea to modeling it in 3D design software and finally seeing it come to life physically before my eyes.

What fascinates me the most about 3D printing is the customization capability. I can modify the original designs to suit my own tastes and preferences. Do I want a flying horse instead of a land one? No problem! Do I prefer my castle to have a medieval or modern style? I can make it happen! This creative freedom is truly inspiring and motivates me to continue exploring new ideas.

Additionally, I'm excited to share my process and creations with this community. I hope to contribute fresh ideas and unique perspectives to the world of Playmobil. I'm also open to advice and suggestions from other members who have experience in 3D printing or designing models for toys.

In summary, I'm delighted to join this community as a new Playmobil enthusiast with a focus on 3D printing. I'm looking forward to engaging in exciting conversations, exchanging ideas, and of course, sharing my own creations. Thank you for welcoming me, and I'm excited for everything this journey has in store for me in the world of Playmobil and 3D printing!

Welcome from Portugal!

Looking forward to pics of your creations :)

Welcome from Stroud, UK!
Your enthusiasm for 3D printing is clear, you will get plenty of encouragement here. :wave:



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