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This has probably been covered several times in the past.

However I was going through eBay and thinking that it would be nice if they re-issued the Schooner in its original style as an armed trader as all of the ships recently have been of a pirate type and the schooner would be a great asset to an Napoleonic / ACW theme.

Which got me thinking which other items would people like to see re-issued. I have noted that the Victorian house series is very popular on the second handmarket as are the trains. So apart from rarity items like the Victorian wall and gates. Is there any single item that members would like to see re-issued ?

For me its the schooner


For me it would be the model-T Truck. It's such a nice model with soooo much potential for conversions.


Captain Henry:

--- Quote from: CountBogro on April 04, 2006, 04:57:59 ---For me it would be the model-T Truck.

--- End quote ---

You took the words right out of my mouth! I would buy several immediately!

Also, as a train buff, I'd like to see the Western stock car and boxcar re-released.

Those are definitely my top 3.

I'm with you on the schooner, Craig.
It's a beautiful ship and I'm sure it would sell very well if it was re-released. I'd certainly buy one right away! :D

Most of the sets I'd like to see return are in the Victorian theme. I'd especially like Playmobil to make the piano again, but perhaps in white instead of black. :) They could easily include it in the catalogue as a set for the recently released dollshouse, by issuing it with more contemporary looking figures and accessories. (fingers crossed!) 8-)

If they did replica reissues, I would want the original western bank and black smith.
I would also put the Wells Fargo Building into that select goup, too.   (But, I have recently been able to find most of the pieces of one, and may have the opportunity to actually complete it with trades from another person)

I would also like to see new medieval buildings, because I have the originals.


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