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Megs Psychotic Ebay binge

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Yes indeed
I went and did it

Last  night, when doing my daily update on the new items listed for auction on Ebay, I ran across THREE stunning sales.

They were all Buy It Nows.
The boxes are still sealed

Being sent to me are......

3440 - The Tailor Shop

3441 - The Bakery

3455 - The Pottery Shop

The BIN prices were so reasonable, I couldnt help myself.

Congratualtions, meg! :)9

However, I notice you didn't give us the links to the auctions so we could see just what you mwnat by "reasonable"!  ^-^

HI Gordon,
I never give the links to auctions that I win because I like to keep my Ebay name secret, even if it is a poorly kept secret  :P

I paid $150.00 US for each house

Way to go Meg!!!   :)9  I saw those auctions and didn't think they'd last long! So very glad they went to you!!!

BTW, excellent nab on the plane too. (Got too rich for me but maybe you'll let me look at it?) :D


You two are simply in another collecting league from me!  :wow: Way to go! 



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