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Sir Gareth:
Every year, January / February, I like to empty my roof space and take stock of what I have and what I still have yet to get for my collection. During the year I buy my MISB set's  and a lot of the time they go straight into the roof and in the past I have duplicated some of the smaller set's.
 I also scan or photograph the boxes open them up scan the parts inside or the instruction sheets for my blue folders, this takes a couple of days, then I try and put it all back better than before to make more space for new stuff.

 My collection is made up of Knights, Pirates, Western, Indians and Vikings, I don't just buy boxed sets I also have lots of boxes full of DS items as well.

 I only generally buy one of everything, but when I go into a toy store to look for the latest releases or older set's I feel guilty if I just walk out without buying anything, so I grab a special or two. I now seem to have small armies of 4611 castle guards, 4628 union soldiers and 4622 confederate soldier's, also when ordering from DS, to get free postage I add a set or two of 7675 redcoat soldier's. I'm not going to part with them, they look great all set up in rows, but when I added the cost of them all up I was a bit shocked it worked out about £2.00 a week for a year, not a lot of money per week I know but I could of bought a castle for that. :o

Any way here's some pics I took last January after emptying my roof

Sir Gareth:
Cool it works, I can post 4 pics at once, that was a good way of testing the buttons.

here's a couple more pics.

I am envious of your ability to collect MISB
And of the entirety of your collection

If you ever have find an extra original western bank, or wells fargo office, please think of me  :*)
those are two wetern buildings that I would love to have.

Thanks for showing off your collections
Its fun to know that others are as bad as myself.

Thanks for showing us your "Aladdin's cave" of MISB, Garry.  I wish I was half as tidy with my non-MISB.

And now a question:

If your house caught fire, which set would you save?

Sir Gareth:

--- Quote from: playmofire on November 30, 2005, 20:31:52 ---

And now a question:

If your house caught fire, which set would you save?

--- End quote ---

 None, I would evacuate the building quickly using our well rehearsed fire escape route, after our fitted working smoke alarms have warned us of the danger.

 Remember I have been to one of your displays. ;D

  I don't really have a favorite set out of it all but I would like to save my playpeople English Bobby.


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