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Ok, I now am officially broke but couldn't be happier! :D Check out the haul I managed to find (all at good prices, some at GREAT prices) on ebay today:

First, I have been searching for a complete, boxed, 3433 Safari Station Ngorongoro for almost a year now. Finally found one (for a super price) and picked up a few other boxed (some MIB) sets from the same seller "just for the heck of it! "  8-)

I found the 3497 Playground set which pretty much completes my old style kids playground collection! :D

Also, I found a very nice 3735 older farm wagon (something I've long wanted) at an excellent price.  :)

And if one has a Safari Station, it only makes sense they would have the older European train station, right?    ???  ;) (Ok, I'm rationalizing but this is another set I've long wanted and the price was too good to pass up.  :-[ )

But while I was feeling "train-ish" and was on such a great site I also picked up two more little sets I've wanted for some time...;)

 :love: :love: :love: <:>

So...feel free to send food.  :-[  ;D  8}

Wow, awesome haul Psyche! I have never even seen the windmill before! And the train station is way cool.

Got any good tips for finding bargains on ebay as you seem to be so good at it???  :wow:

Thanks Red...I've learned a few tricks over the years. The biggests is to know what you want and be patient, but flexible. So like here, I was looking for the Safari Station and had an ebay search out on it for months, but when I saw the other loot this seller had I took note.

These were all on German ebay where you can find better deals (even with slow boat shipping) and many items you rarely see here (for example that MIB windmill. I've seen maybe 2 of them on US ebay and they both went for over $100 US. This was less than half of that! :) )

What I can do is write some tips I've learned and post them on the shopping forum. Meg and Robbie and Sir Gareth and Serenity and several others are great ebayers too (and I know you look at a lot of auctions) so maybe if we all pool our info that will be of use to several members. How's that sound.

BTW, the Windmill (3765) was discontinued in 1991 and there is also a water tower that I'd love to have someday.  I feel lucky to have found this set still wrapped. :D

Congrats on the great finds, especially this time of year!  I'm especially jealous of the train station.  I've been watching for that one myself, but stopped for awhile due to Christmas.

Will you take pics of pieces when you get it?  Please?


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